About Us

Tasi Designs Jewelry is handmade by Taya Koschnick in lovely Portland, Oregon. 

I grew up making jewelry with my mom, an amazing jeweler and incredible business woman.  She’s been running Bead Paradise in my home state of Ohio for amost 30 years now.  She taught me to treasure small things, to work hard at what I love, and to create things with care, one piece at a time.

Jewelry means so much when it’s handmade, when it can be passed down, and when it makes you feel beautiful every time you put it on.  That’s why I start with only the best materials – whether it be hand-cut natural gemstones, chains and components made from silver and gold vermeil, or one-of-a-kind vintage and antique treasures.  I carefully hand-patina (aka oxidize) each piece of silver.  I believe that a piece of jewelry is only as strong as its smallest component, so I make sure each bead is impeccable, each clasp is strong and easy to use, and each solder joint will stand up to the test of time.


We want you to have your Tasi Designs jewelry for years to come, so if anything goes wrong with your piece, we’ll be happy to fix it.  We’ll send it back to you in a flash, so you and your jewelry won’t be parted for long.


We hope you love your Tasi jewelry as much as we love making it.

Thanks for stopping by!

-- Taya and the Tasi team